Aethir Unveils Its First Decentralized AI Node Sale

Aethir, a leader in decentralized GPU cloud infrastructure, has announced its highly anticipated Node Sale. Aethir is an enterprise-grade, AI and Gaming-focused GPU-as-a-service provider. Aethir’s decentralized cloud computing infrastructure enables GPU providers to connect with enterprise clients who need the raw power of NVIDIA’s H100 chips for sophisticated AI/ML tasks.

In addition, Aethir’s infrastructure supports cloud gaming clients and has contracts with the world’s largest gaming and telecom companies, taking advantage of its flexibility and coverage across technological and operational expertise.

$ATH token is the native token for the Aethir network, to reward node providers and checkers for maintaining the Aethir Decentralized Cloud Infrastructure network. This decentralization starts first with the Checker Nodes, the validator of our ecosystem, equal opportunity to participate, equal opportunity to validate, and equal opportunity to earn an additional bonus for catching bad actors and slashing their rewards.

Aethir aims to be an enterprise-first infrastructure partner leveraging the Arbitrum ecosystem for DePIN and AI, as it will host its node infrastructure in the ecosystem and prepare for its own node sale on Arbitrum.

Why Run a Node on Aethir?

Running a node on Aethir contributes to the decentralization of cloud compute and earn rewards from being a network participant. The first type of node in the Aethir network that will be made available is the checker node, a node for any user to operate to help in the verification of the uptime, latency, quality of service, and computational power provided by other node participants in the future. Aethir’s team always strives to ensure a decentralized approach in every aspect of the project. The team’s commitment to decentralization and community ownership starts with opening up the decentralization of the checker nodes licenses, which play a critical role in the ecosystem in validating service provision within the Aethir infrastructure.

The Node Sale details are as follows:

  • 100,000 nodes available in a tiered pricing system.
  • Nodes will be sold on Arbitrum via a public sale.
  • Nodes are transferable one year post-sale.
  • Rewards will be accrued and earned upon a vesting logic for each user
  • No cap on the number of nodes one can purchase.
  • Special allotment for the Aethir community, partners, and KOLs for whitelists for early adopters of the network

Exclusive Revenue Opportunities for Node Operators

As a node operator in Aethir’s ecosystem, users stand to earn up to a total of 15% of the total supply of the Aethir ecosystem (over the course of the next four years) set aside for checker Node Operators specifically. Other rewards will be set aside for other mining and technical participation roles within the network. Nodes earn rewards for helping verify the data and service provision within the network, serving as checks and balances for the future mining throughput of AI-enabled processing chips and other computational power.

This checker node sale gives the opportunity for anyone to be a part of the network to support in the build up of a decentralized ecosystem for the largest collection of decentralized AI computational power, without forcing every regular user to be ready on day one to participate in heavy duty computational work.

Tiered Public Node Sale – A Chance for Everyone to Participate

With nodes starting at $500 per checker node, and then increasing at each tier, and whitelists set aside for different participants amongst Aethir community, partner communities, KOLs, and venture capital teams, this sale has been designed to involve all types of participants.

Users will be participating with wrapped ETH (WETH) on Arbitrum network, and full details of the sale will be available at this link: The details of running the node will be made available at the time of testnet launch.

Aethir is excited to announce the first ever tiered decentralized AI public node sale, ensuring fair and broad access to its burgeoning network. While a select number of nodes have been reserved for whitelists, including KOLs and members of the Aethir and partner communities, the majority of the nodes are open to the public to purchase on a first come first serve basis. This structure guarantees that everyone has the opportunity to join Aethir’s revolutionary journey towards decentralization.

KOLs will receive a unique referral code to share with their community, earning a referral fee for each node sale made using their code.

Node Sale Timeline

  • Node sale announcement: February 26, 2024, 12 PM UTC
  • Impossible Whitelist campaign: Feb 27 2024, 10AM UTC to 14 March 10AM UTC
  • Node sale launch: March 20, 2024, 10 AM UTC
  • Network launch: Q2 2024

For more details on how to purchase and run a node, stay tuned to Aethir’s official channels.

Aethir’s Ecosystem and Your Role

As node operators, you’re an integral part of Aethir’s ecosystem, earning rewards for your crucial computing contributions once the network goes fully live. Aethir is on a mission to accelerate the world’s transition to universal cloud computing—and you’re invited to join this journey through our Initial Node Offering.

More on Aethir

  • Aethir’s Unprecedented Product Traction
  • Secured a mid 7-figure annual contract with the world’s largest telco, scaling to 8-figures by Q2 2024.
  • On track to sign three more enterprise contracts in Q1 2024.
  • Signed three contracts for cloud gaming, with over ten more anticipated in Q1 2024, including partnerships with the world’s largest gaming company boasting 150M+ MAU and a 22% conversion rate.
  • Grown to over 170k+ community members.
  • Proud members of NVIDIA’s Inception Program, equipped with a strong lineup of H100 chips that even Meta (Facebook) is acquiring in billions.
  • Backed by the Best
  • Our mission is supported by an impressive roster of committed investors, including Maelstrom, Mirana Ventures, Animoca Brands, Sanctor Capital, Hashkey, Merit Circle and CitizenX, IVC, Framework Ventures, and Infinity Ventures Crypto.
  • Meet the Team Behind the Mission
  • Mark Rydon – Co-founder and CEO – Mark has held key roles at NOTA Platform, Flux Capital, Gaas LTD, Kulture Athletics, Inc., and Bechtel Corporation.
  • Daniel Wang – Co-founder and CBO – roles at Mythos Venture Partners (GP), Prior at IVC (Venture Partner), YGG SEA (CIO), Riot Games (Head of International Publishing Mgmt), Riot Games – China (Head of Operations).
  • Kyle Okamoto – CTO – Kyle has served as the CEO & General Manager at Ericsson’s IoT, Automotive, and Security businesses, CEO of Edge Gravity, and Chief Network Officer at Verizon Media.
  • Paul Thind – CRO – Paul, currently the CRO at Aethir, previously co-founded and served as CEO at Triggerspot Inc and was an advisor at Creadits and Trick Studio.

About Aethir

Aethir is revolutionizing DePIN with its advanced, distributed enterprise-grade GPU-based compute infrastructure tailored for AI and gaming. Backed by leading Web3 investors like Framework Ventures, Merit Circle, Hashkey, Animoca Brands, Sanctor Capital, Infinity Ventures Crypto (IVC), and others, with over $32 M in funds raised for the ecosystem, Aethir is paving the way for the future of decentralized computing.

Users who want to be a part of the node sale and help shape the future of AI and gaming can check Aethir’s official node sale link to learn how to participate in the sale.

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