YARD Finance, a Crypto Payment Protocol, exits stealth mode and opens access for early users

YARD Finance, a crypto payment suite allowing to implement crypto payments using any web2 human-readable identifier, announced the first successful partnership integration and has granted the API access to early partners, with the intention of releasing a beta version for end users in Q1. YARD’s protocol will allow blockchain businesses to boost user acquisition and engagement by letting their clients make crypto payments using human-readable identifiers like email address, phone number or Telegram handle.

“YARD allows businesses onboard to crypto literally anyone, no matter if they have a wallet address or not by sending them tokens via their web2 handles. Our mission and endgame is to completely remove the boundaries between crypto and fiat, allowing everyone to benefit from using crypto without even touching it” – said YARD CBDO.

For businesses the protocol provides an additional revenue stream based on transactional activity through seamless implementation of human-readable identifiers into any fund transferring actions, like top-ups, withdrawals, swaps or internal interactions between users. YARD also claims to be the easiest way to onboard new users, who have never been to crypto before, to the business.

For end users YARD provides an easy, native and cost-effective way to send crypto to their contacts, combining the complexity of technology with familiar interaction patterns from the Web 2.0 world.

“We have a pipeline of partners for integration for Q1-Q2, to kickstart protocol adoption. In Q2 we’re planning the public beta launch of our platform for B2C clients. We’re also working on expanding its partner network on the service side, in order to broaden the geographic coverage of the services provided, in strict compliance with regulatory requirements, to make it safe, fast, and ready for truly global adoption”, commented CBDO.

It is worth noting that the YARD team currently consists of ten people with a combined experience in the blockchain industry of more than 30 years in projects such as Changenow, Neonchain, Hitbtc, Guarda, Cryptopay, Metamap and others.

Our company has earned the trust of significant market players, such as Onez. This validation from industry leaders speaks volumes about the quality and reliability of our products/services. It underscores our commitment to excellence and positions us as a reputable choice within the market.

Learn more about the platform here.

About YARD

YARD Finance is a crypto payment suite designed to help web3 business to boost revenue and user engagement by implementing and scaling crypto payments using human-readable identifiers with minimal effort in no time.

YARD protocol – provides a secure, customizable and human-readable handle, based on your email / phone number / telegram handle / social accounts / etc., which links to public wallet addresses on all supported chains. It allows onboard crypto newcomers via any supported channel and fulfils the needs of experienced users by supporting 40+ blockchains with an additional privacy layer.

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Hop on a call to see YARD in action: https://calendly.com/yard-finance
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Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/yard-finance

Media contact

Brand: YARD
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://yard.finance

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