Request Finance acquires Consola: The ultimate finance platform for crypto and fiat

Request Finance is thrilled to announce a monumental development: the acquisition of Consola Finance. This moment marks a significant expansion of Request Finance’s capabilities, adding crypto accounting to the platform. This enhancement is aimed at better-serving finance professionals and certified public accountants (CPAs) who deal with operations in both crypto and fiat currencies.

This Acquisition marks a turning point. Consola Finance is renowned for its leading-edge technology in crypto accounting and its unique commitment to 100% data accuracy.

Jacob Kobler, CEO at Consola, mentioned: “By welcoming Consola Finance into the Request Finance family, the platform is poised to deliver a unique all-in-one finance platform.”

This integration means you can manage everything crypto and fiat on Request Finance: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Accounting, Payroll, Employee Expenses, Crypto Payments, and Fiat Payments to 170+ countries.

Christophe Fonteneau, head of strategy at Request Finance, stated: “The Impact is limitless. The trust placed in Request Finance by over 2,000 companies to power more than 700 million dollars in transactions is just getting started. The synergy between Request Finance and Consola Finance elevates confidence.”

Christophe Lassuyt, CEO at Request Finance, confirmed: “The adoption of cryptocurrency is becoming mainstream. Businesses are adopting stablecoins, and we are developing a crypto-friendly platform that combines the functionalities of, Netsuite, and Expensify into a single, all-encompassing solution.”

Request Finance now provides a comprehensive solution for managing financial operations across currencies. Whether you’re making disbursements in Bitcoin or stablecoins or managing expenses in traditional currencies, everything converges under one streamlined, hassle-free platform.

The team wants to enhance businesses’ crypto adoption through a compliant, safe, and efficient all-in-one finance platform. The acquisition of Consola Finance is a significant leap forward in this mission. It’s part of our broader vision to revolutionize financial operations for businesses worldwide.

About Request Finance

Request Finance is the ultimate finance platform for crypto and fiat operations, powering Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Accounting, Payroll, Expenses, and flexible payments for enterprises.

Businesses all need more efficient payments. That’s why they are adopting crypto/stablecoins. Request Finance makes this adoption happen faster by making it compliant and efficient.

Request Finance is backed by Balderton, Xange, and Animoca Brands, among others. Clients include The Sandbox, OpenZeppelin, and Celo.

About Consola Finance

Consola Finance is the leading-edge technology in crypto accounting with a unique commitment to 100% data accuracy.

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