Robonomics: Brave new world for XRT

Robonomics developers DAO announced the updated XRT distribution plan!

Uncertainty is gone — It is the XRT holders who will decide what amount of the total locked 7.000.000 XRT tokens is to be burned during the democracy burn event.

Core Robonomics developers forecast that around 4-6 million XRT tokens will be burned as the result of the event. This will open a tremendous uptrend opportunity for XRT, especially once the Kusama parachain slot is acquired.

When will the burn happen?

“After entering into the Interoperability era of Robonomics, DAO developers will start the Democracy burn event. During it, XRT token holders will decide on the exact amount of locked 7,000,000 XRT to be burned and the amount of tokens offered on Interoperability Dutch auction”

What is the Interoperability era of Robonomics?

After entering Kusama, Robonomics will be live on top of 2 networks: Kusama & Ethereum. Nevertheless, the XRT tokenomics will be separated until the development of a stable Kusama <> Ethereum bridge, which will bring the Interoperability era of Robonomics. Developers estimate the release of stable bridges in 2023.

The current circulating supply of XRT is 1.2 million, around 12% of the total supply.

What would be the right choice? Only XRT holders will decide.

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