OORT’s Launches DataHub bringing transparency & community to AI Data Processing

OORT, a trailblazing leader in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), is proud to announce the launch of OORT DataHub, a revolutionary platform that brings transparency, trust, and community empowerment to the forefront of AI data processing. With a mission to reshape the future of AI, OORT DataHub leverages decentralized infrastructure to address critical challenges in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

Transparency and trust are fundamental principles at the core of OORT’s vision. OORT firmly believes that not only AI models but also the data that fuels them must be transparent, free from bias, and safeguarded against malicious tampering. The groundbreaking OORT DataHub has been purposefully designed to meet these criteria head-on, ensuring the integrity and reliability of AI-driven processes.

At the heart of OORT’s innovative approach is the empowerment of community members. Through OORT DataHub, individuals with edge devices, ranging from PCs to mobile phones, can actively contribute to AI development by generating training data.

  • Privacy-Preserving Data Processing: OORT DataHub processes data locally on edge devices, eliminating the need to transmit sensitive or raw data to remote servers or nodes. This ensures the privacy and security of the original data sources, fostering a trusted environment for data contributors.
  • Secure Data Storage: Processed data is securely uploaded to OORT Storage, a robust repository built to withstand tampering and maintain data privacy and integrity. The advanced security measures implemented within OORT Storage ensure the protection of valuable data throughout its lifecycle.
  • Transparent Data Usage: OORT DataHub meticulously records and makes transparent the entire journey of data, from generation to its application in AI training. This transparency fosters trust among participants, allowing them to have full visibility into how and where their data is utilized within the AI model training process.

OORT DataHub is proud to announce its first mission in collaboration with NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) – an ambitious venture to contribute to humanity’s mission to conquer Mars. Leveraging decentralized technology, OORT DataHub will process and analyze a vast collection of Mars imagery captured by rovers and satellites.

Community engagement is a vital aspect of OORT DataHub’s journey. OORT invites passionate and dedicated community members to actively participate in this historic mission. By harnessing the computational power of their edge devices, community members become integral contributors to the processing and analysis of Mars imagery. This collective effort not only accelerates the analysis but also ensures a faster and more efficient distribution of workload.

To incentivize and reward community participation, OORT DataHub incorporates a sophisticated tokenomics structure. Users are required to stake a minimum of 210 OORT tokens to engage in tasks and contribute to data analysis. In return, participants receive OORT tokens and have the opportunity to earn exclusive Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) based on their staking level. These NFTs offer various benefits, including an APY boost on OORT Earn, discounts on OORT devices, and enhanced voting power within the OORT decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Looking ahead, OORT DataHub has an exciting roadmap for expansion and innovation. The platform plans to integrate a wider range of devices into the datahub ecosystem, including AR/VR classes, drones, and IoT devices. These additions will enrich data sets and enhance processing capabilities, pushing the boundaries of technology. OORT DataHub also envisions launching new missions focused on developing open and transparent AI systems for the benefit of humanity. These missions will be accompanied by immersive AR/VR learning experiences to deepen community involvement and education.

Join OORT DataHub today and become an active contributor to reshaping the AI landscape, ensuring transparency, trust, and community empowerment.

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