Aragon brings multichain governance to DAOs with zkSync and LayerZero

Multichain governance has arrived on Aragon OSx, using LayerZero for cross-chain messaging and the zkSync Era rollup for low-cost and secure voting. The code is undergoing audits and can be viewed

This Aragon OSx plugin enables DAOs to govern assets and permissions across EVM chains from one mainnet DAO smart contract. The plugin can be installed in custom DAOs on Aragon OSx and will launch on the no-code Aragon App in 2024.

“It’s clear now that Ethereum is scaling through rollups, but we’ve left behind the piece about connecting and managing accounts across them. By working on multichain governance, we’re enabling Ethereum to scale by helping distribute liquidity and offloading some transactions to L2s, while protocols will still be able to live on mainnet,” said Carlos Juarez, Chief Technology Officer at Aragon.

Here’s how governance in multichain DAOs will work from proposal to execution:

  1. Create a custom census with tokens across chains: Create a custom census using governance tokens across multiple chains using LayerZero’s Omnichain Fungible Token (OFT) standard.
  2. Cast votes for a low-cost on zkSync: Once the census has been created, members will be able to vote settling on zkSync at a fraction of the cost.
  3. Execute the action across chains simultaneously: After the vote, users can utilize the Aragon OSx permission management system to execute the action programmed into the proposal on multiple chains simultaneously from your mainnet DAO.

This specific multichain governance design would not be possible without Aragon OSx’s modular permission management system, making it simple to grant and revoke permissions to external contracts from a DAO contract. The Aragon OSx plugin will enable DAOs to execute actions on any chain simultaneously, providing governance flexibility to adjust parameters and send assets on the precise chain needed.

The plugin leverages LayerZero’s Omnichain Fungible Token Standard (OFT) to extend the capabilities of governance tokens, enabling token holders to cast votes on zkSync no matter which chain their token originated on. DAO members can also vote on zkSync to save gas costs and increase token participation. More information is available here.

“With the launch of the Aragon OSx plugin, DAOs can scale their activities across chains, increasing community participation while effectively managing costs and maintaining security. The next step in DAO governance is here,” said Juarez.

About Aragon

Aragon builds the secure and modular Aragon OSx DAO framework and no-code Aragon App. Aragon deployed the first DAO framework in 2017, which has powered the creation of over 7500 DAOs and secured over $16b in value for leading projects like Lido, Decentraland, API3, Aavegotchi, and NFTX.

The Aragon Association recently deployed most of the treasury to allow all ANT holders to redeem their ANT for ETH, dissolved the association, and passed the torch to continue the Aragon Project’s mission in a new product-focused structure. The new structure consists of the current Aragon OSx team developing the product, and a new non-profit Product Council of infrastructure builders that will oversee remaining funds to advance the mission.

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