Discover SpaceCatch and maximize your earnings in the next bull run

It’s not so often that you discover a company and a concept truly aiming to revolutionize the industry it is part of. These days, especially regarding technology, it can prove to be quite challenging to stand out, with so many new platforms and apps being constantly developed. But we all know it’s not impossible.

SpaceCatch is an example worth giving when it comes to having the right idea at the perfect time with passionate people by your side. This can be considered the magic formula for success, and SpaceCatch seems to have discovered the version that works for its goals.

With many advantages by its side, SpaceCatch, a newly launched P2E AR game, has the potential to be one of the winners in the GameFi sector during the next bull run.

The bearish trends seem to slowly come to an end; many crypto enthusiasts can feel it, and experts are timidly confirming it, too. And when the sun rises again, SpaceCatch will be more than ready to steal the spotlight.

Teamwork akes the dreamwork

When it comes to building a truly successful concept, the team behind it is a crucial factor in actually achieving your goals. As much as some might like to do everything by themselves, it is close to impossible to achieve all you plan, and you can almost see the success running further and further from you.

However, SpaceCatch had a well-developed plan from the beginning. Founders Stanislav Lepka and Radek Holubík were aware of the power a team can bring to a project, so they gathered bright experts by their side to shape SpaceCatch together.

Today, the SpaceCatch team has almost 25 members, each highly contributing to the project’s success.

The founders ensured that their team has members from multiple industries, open to developing a concept that will surely steal the hearts of many crypto enthusiasts. Designers, developers, and industry experts, all the SpaceCatch team members, are in to offer this project the place it deserves.

Furthermore, SpaceCatch managed to build a strong and engaged community on multiple social channels. The company’s Twitter account has over 100,000 followers and has received significant support from major projects, such as BSC.News.

The biggest surprise for SpaceCatch might have been when its NFTs sold out within the core community in just 33 seconds before other community members had a chance to purchase the digital collectibles. This is proof that success follows where there is a supportive community.

Advanced technologies for an immersive gameplay

SpaceCatch has always focused on delivering a high-quality product that has no flaws and can provide a positive user experience to worldwide players.

This is why, when developing its game, the company collaborated with former developers of Pixelfield, a professional gaming studio based in the Czech Republic and the UK with a track record of producing AR games that have reached hundreds of thousands of downloads.

Pixelfield is dedicated to developing high-quality AR and other software solutions, having worked with major companies, including Universal, Mercedes Benz, Raiffeisen Bank, and Veolia.

Besides, SpaceCatch has one more ace up its sleeve: advanced AR (Augmented Reality). The SpaceCatch developers incorporated advanced AR technology into the gameplay, such as real environmental scanning, which sets it apart from other Web2 competitors, including Pokémon GO.

Using P2E (Play-to-Earn) game mechanics, SpaceCatch can become the next-generation AR game that steals the hearts of gaming and Web3 enthusiasts, also helping them to increase their earnings through a genuinely engaging experience.

Promising tokenomics, a bright future ahead

When looking at the bigger picture, it becomes crystal clear that SpaceCatch ensured that it has thought of anything possible. When it comes to the tokenomics of CATCH, its native token, users can rest assured that their work will become profitable in no time.

First, almost half of the 100,000,000 CATCH total supply is going to public sales for the community, so players will have higher chances of noticing a price increase, considering that the number of unsold inflationary tokens will be significantly reduced.

Then, it is essential to note that CATCH does not serve as an in-game reward token, and this reduces its inflation surprisingly and makes it an option worth considering if you want to HODL tokens. With a burning mechanism, SpaceCatch ensured that the CATCH token would allow users to benefit from earning crypto when interacting with the project.

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